Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah
Closed Dec. 24th thru Jan 1st

Clearance 50% discount on overstock below:
CIJFRL17 -- 17" x 100' roll $98 -- Now $49.00
CIJFRL24 -- 24" x 100' roll $158 -- Now $79.00
CIJFRL36 -- 36" x 100' roll $237 -- Now $118.50
Caseys' Laser Film
LF11.69-A4 -- 8.36" x 11.56" $40 -- Now $20.00
NOTE: Discounts will not appear on your online invoice.
The discounts will be manually entered when your order
is processed. We email the invoice along with the tracking
numbers at the end of the day.

10% quantity discount on any item purchased by the case.
(Case = 12 of the same size & product)
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